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The Zenith Quilt
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The Zenith Quilt evokes the cold-hearted comfort of modern technology. The quilt will be a patchwork of images of one lonely man's television between 1971 and 1974. Some were memorable moments in history (Apollo XIV moon landing, Peruvian Earthquake), others are football cheerleaders, flora and fauna, and popular children's shows. It reminds us that when beauty is absent from your immediate surroundings, you can always find something good on TV.

Lovingly assembled on a vintage Singer sewing machine, the quilt is not actually patchwork, but individual frames traced in seams on upholstery-weight velveteen. The photos are printed through a sublimation process that ensures vibrancy and durability: able to withstand multiple nights of quiet tears.

Delivery no later than October 31st.

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