Chronic Nostalgic
Always more to come.


A focused passion.

Chronic Nostalgic is the collision of two loves: colour photography on transparency and vintage immersion. For over eight years, I have collected over 20,000 colour images from anonymous and non-professional photographers, from the 1910s through to the 1980s. The vast majority of the images you will see through this new venture are by people who are virtually impossible to identify. Most items are positive transparencies, from dreamy autochromes in the '20s to the brilliant Kodachrome slides of the '40s and on. These items (magical objects with the added prestige of being physically present at the moment captured) were largely acquired through antique shops, online auctions, and estate or garage sales. The purpose is certainly to honour the photographer, and 35% of all profit is tracked and traced to each photo in the hopes that one day an heir to the copyright is identified and paid. I curate these massive collections of unwanted family slides with brutal precision. As you come to know the collection you'll discover a unified tone of humour, drama, colour, beauty, and luck; the images you'll see here represent no more than .004% of the total images viewed and chosen! But the thrill of this work comes from that rarity - and creates an atmosphere so transportative that you can feel the air and hear the ambient sounds. 
Above all, I hope you love these images as much as I do. If you are an artist, and find inspiration to create, I'm looking for artists to represent in a fine art capacity to produce one-off pieces for sale. In addition, if you are a performer of any kind and would like to use vintage images, please contact me with your project. Fine art editions of the photographs themselves will eventually be available, as will some exciting new ways to appreciate the work of our early everyday photographers.